Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Florida Vacation Summer 2011

 Orange Beach, AL (about half way between Austin & Orlando)
 Hogwarts Castle in Universal Studios
 Sucking down the Butterbeer

 Evan's first "roller coaster"
 The Seuss Landing Carousel!
 More Butterbeer- it was so good!!

 Taylor & Evan's first taste of funnel cake- deliciousness!!

 Fun in Cocoa Beach!! Taylor loved jumping into the waves-- just like her Daddy!! Evan was apprehensive about the sand and water at first, but then he decided it was fun! :)

 Destin, FL (our stop on the way home) Both kids wanted to jump into the water, but unfortunately, it was a quick stop and we didn't have time for that much fun!
We got to go to Florida this summer with Grammy, PawPaw, Leah and Caleb. We had a great time at Universal Studios (Harry Potter World, as Taylor called it) and visiting Cocoa Beach, Orange Beach, and Destin, FL. All the beaches were beautiful, but Destin was by far the prettiest. The humidity killed my hair, the trip was LOOONG (we drove), and boy was it hot and tiring, but we had a great time!!  The Butterbeer was delish and the rides were so fun! Taylor is a roller coaster junkie- just like her momma- and she wanted to ride every ride she was tall enough to do. He favorite was the Flight of the Hippogryph- a ride in Harry Potter World. It was a pretty impressive roller coaster for little kids. :)  We all had a blast! We missed Blake, though. He didn't get to go because he just got a new job in June, and couldn't take off. :(

The Hottest, Sweatiest 5K ever!

Blake, Chad, and I ran the Maudie's Moonlight 5K at 8:00 PM in the middle of June!! HOT! But fun! :)

Happy Birthday, Evan!

My sweet Evan turned 2!!  We had a great time at his party! For his birthday, Evan had a picnic party at the park, with a watermelon and ants cake, courtesy of Grammy, a train ride, and lots of presents (mostly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Cars stuff- his favorite!)

Taylor's End of Year Party at School

Taylor had lots of fun at her end of year party at school. When the teachers gave out awards, Taylor got the "Most Caring" award!! That's my sweet girl!

May 2011

 Evan loves wearing other people's shoes!!

 Having fun at Hayden's birthday party!

Taylor's first pedicure!!

April 2011- Parties Galore!!

 Taylor went skating for the first time ever!! I don't think I have laughed so hard in all my life! She started off being typically stubborn about not having any help, but she finally gave in to the roller skate walker. Hilarious!!

 Easter 2011- We spent Easter at the Josselet Reunion and in Weatherford. The kids had their fare share of Easter Eggs!!